We Want You!

Appeal2020Are you passionate about the Berg?

Do you feel you can make a contribution to improve the event?

Are you willing and committed to put in some time and effort to reach this goal?

Now that the dust has settled on the 2019 Berg, we need to start planning the 2020 Berg, and looking beyond that the 2021 Berg that will be the 60th anniversary of this great race!

If you feel strongly about this race, then we need your help. Please consider joining the new Berg Management Team for next year’s Berg as we are looking for fresh ideas, drive and enthusiasm.

If you join you will have to attend between six and eight meetings (the new team will decide frequency and timing of these meetings) and take responsibility for overseeing tasks, like sponsorship, marketing, safety, logistics, and finances.

If you are willing to join the team please send an email to bergrivermarathon@gmail.com and let us know which specific areas of the race you would like to get involved in.

Portfolios may include: Chairman, General Manager, Secretary, Entry Information, Registration, Prize Giving, Treasurer, Stats, Safety Officer, Marketing, PRO Media & Security, Media and website, Accommodation, Equipment logistics and Paddler transport, Stalls. Refreshment stations and Race Packs, Overnight festivities and child entertainment, Timekeeping & Starter, Community Engagement Projects, Sponsorship Acquisitions

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