Thanks for supporting the Ultra Paddle!

Thank you for getting behind the virtual alternative to the 2020 Berg. You will each get personal pre-entry privileges to the 60th Berg in 2021.

Ultra Paddle Information here
Enter Online here
View all the entries received here
Upload your GPS logs or links here
View GOLD Certificate achievers here
View SILVER Certificate achievers here
View BRONZE Certificate achievers here

5 thoughts on “Thanks for supporting the Ultra Paddle!

  1. Hi there. Interested in signing up but you’ve hidden the sign-up page really well. It should be front and centre.
    The gold, silver and bronze images also do not have any associated hyperlinks.
    When I know where to register I’ll ditribute to my paddling club here in London and see if we can get any uptake there.


    1. Hi Bryan, Hopefully it is easier to find now! Please encourage your London paddling mates to get involved and stay in touch via the Berg Facebook page with updates.

  2. I have entered the Ultra Paddle – used the SnapScan method. I will be doing the Ultra Paddle at Emmarentia Dam. Please send confirmation entry and how the distance and time will be tracked as well?

    1. Hi Henning, Thanks! Did you get the confirmation email? We will send you a race number PDF by email as well . You send us proof of your distances after the completion of your Ultra Paddle via the “Claim Your Certificate” page on this website. Claim your certificate

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