Sponsored Teams

Download the Sponsorship Prospectus as a PDF here

Team Event Sponsorship
Commercial and private entities are invited to sponsor one or more two-person teams which will take part in this year’s Berg River Canoe Marathon. The race paddled over 4 days and 240km starts in Paarl on 3 July and finishes in Velddrif on 6 July in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.
Please Note: Sponsors will be invited to the official Team Colours Function at Paarl Canoe Club at 16:00 on Tuesday, 2 July 2019 where the teams will be introduced to the media by Dave Macleod the Berg MC and Gameplan Media CEO.
1 The sponsor of any team is given the following rights:
1 The sponsor chooses its own name or brand under which the team races i.e. ‘Team Cape Storm’;
2 The team name features throughout the race on all media channels (social, printed, radio, TV, etc.);
3 Team members are allowed to race in the sponsor’s branded clothing;
4 Branding will be allowed on canoes as prescribed by CSA branding rules, but excludes bibs, paddle blades and the space immediately in front of the cockpit;
5 The team name will appear on all published Berg results;
6 The sponsor has the right to include one item of promotional literature or promotion product in all athletes’ goodie bags taking part in the marathon;
7 The sponsor has the rights to erect branding and gazebos in a designated team area at every overnight stop;
8 The sponsor has the right to erect branding at the start and finish bridges as well as popular spectator points and bridges along the way;
9 The sponsor will receive regular social media plugs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram displaying it’s logo with links to their web address of choice;
10 The sponsor’s logo with a hyperlink to their web address of choice will be displayed on the Berg’s website (www.berg.org.za) for an entire year;

2 Publicity Drive
The media drive for this year’s Berg will once again be handled by the experienced Gameplan Media. This entails a structured media programme executed over 5 months (7 March to 6 July) which includes inter alia the following:
Media Releases: Depending on the nature of each release – gets sent to a stratified media database that covers radio, TV, newspapers, online news, magazines and bloggers at a local, community, regional, provincial, national, continental and international level;
Social media: They concentrate on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube with a new Instagram account this year. Much of the pre-race information and awareness is driven through Facebook and during the race updates are all via Twitter and Instagram, largely through video.

3 Results 2018 Campaign
The marathon was covered by four different television channels namely the Berg’s own 26-minute privately sponsored television production broadcasted 8 times on Mnet Supersport; a Supersport SS10 channel who provided their own production team to cover the entire marathon; newsclips of the start by eTV; and daily coverage on SABC TV2 and TV3’s main news broadcasts for the 4-day duration of the marathon;
Printed Media
Articles were printed in The Argus, Cape Times, Die Burger, Rapport, Business Day, Eikestadnuus, Paarl Post, Swartlander, Weslander, District Mail, etc.
Website www.berg.org.za
Total hits: 657 857
Pages delivered: 115 562
Visits: 40 213
Social Media
Followers: 2 191
Peak weekly total impressions: 157 109
Peak 28 day total impressions: 189 887
Race video views: 25 443
Followers: 1 090
Tweets: 1 332
Impressions in 91 days: 65 500
Followers: 286
Posts: 51
Video views: 1 151

Sent out 4 times to a national database of 7 635 paddlers.

4 Cost

All of these and other marketing opportunities can be enjoyed for a race levy of R16 500 per team which covers the two team members’ basic entry fee.
All other costs that needs to be covered is by private arrangement between the team and their sponsor;
The team race levy can be paid in directly via the online entering facility on the website at http://berg.org.za/?page_id=662.

5 Contact
Kindly contact the Berg General Manager, Anthony Penderis at 084 306 0331 or bergrivermarathon@gmail.com for further information.

6 Addendum
Berg Canoe Marathon 2019 Sponsorship Proposal