The Ultra Paddle

The 2020 Berg can’t happen because of the COVID-19 lockdown, but in it’s place we have created a chance for paddlers to get into the spirit of the Berg, set a paddling goal and contribute to Canoeing South Africa’s food relief programme.

How does it work?

From the date on which the 2020 Berg would have stated (Wednesday 8 July) we want you to get into your boat and paddle! The Berg is tough. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that. So set yourself a goal.

Aim for GOLD:
Do the 240km over any four days between 8 July and 31 July in the following distances;
Day 1 – 52km
Day 2 – 56km
Day 3 – 74km
Day 4 – 58km

Aim for SILVER:
Cover a total of 240km between 8 July and 31 July.

Aim for BRONZE:
Cover at least 50km between 8 July and 31 July.

Entry costs you just R150, or $10, €10 or £10, for which you get your race number, your certificate of completion, and a personal voucher giving you a pre-entry discount entry for the 2021 Berg.

proceeds from the Ultra Paddle will go to Canoeing South Africa’s ongoing food relief programme that is getting food parcels to our members badly hit by the ongoing lockdown.

Ultra-Paddle, presented by the Berg FAQ’s

Q: Is the Ultra-Paddle illegal?
A: Nope, as long as you practice social distancing, and abide by Covid-19 regulations, you are in the clear to paddle.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Fill out this form to enter, pay your R150/$10/€10/£10 and be added to the starters list for the Ultra-Paddle.

Q: Sjoe, I’m not that fit because of lockdown… how long to I have to do it?
A: The widow period to complete the Ultra-Paddle extends to the whole month of July. The Ultra-Paddle Trip, taking place on the Berg River route will be going down on the 8th to the 11th of July, if you’d be interested in joining a few legends of the sport during their Ultra-Paddle.

Q: The distances seem like a bit of a push, do I have to complete the full distances, or is there a tamer option?
A: You will be considered a finisher for the Ultra-Paddle if you complete a minimum of 50km (however, back yourself, we encourage you to do the full distances).

Q: What do I get if I complete the Ultra-Paddle in 2020?
A: You will receive a certificate for your achievements in the Ultra-Paddle for 2020, as well as a special promo code for the 60th Berg in 2021…

Q: How will the Berg know if I completed the Ultra-Paddle?
A: Post your distances, Strava maps, pictures, Garmin links and videos so we can see how you managed your Ultra-Paddle, by tagging the Berg River Canoe Marathon and #UltraPaddle

Q: Will my entry fee go towards a cause?
A: The portion of the entry fee will be going towards the Covid-19 Hunger Relief Fund, run by Canoeing SA.

Q: Should I take part in the Ultra-Paddle in 2020 during the month of July?
A: 100%. We look forward to seeing your videos and pictures!