Day One

Map Berg Day One1 Start at Market Street Bridge (9:00) -33.7377, 18.9708
At the start you get an idea of the fierce competition, as the top paddlers take off at a tremendous pace to make sure they have a good position below the weir after the portage. The riverbanks offer excellent viewing all the way down to the weir.
2. Dal Josafat bridge (9:15) -33.7078, 18.9742
Some spectators forgo the start to get a good position at this point. It is a good vantage point as one can see the leading paddlers shoot the
weir and the rapid below.
3. Wellington Bridge (19:15) -33.6501, 18.9681
The Wellington bridge is a popular spot. If you travel on the left bank to Wellington, turn right at the four way stop to access the bridge.
4. Lady Loch Bridge (9:45) -33.6297, 18.9767
Park on the left bank of the river where there are many viewpoints. Some people prefer the bank above the bridge, others the higher view from the bridge.
5. Below Lady Loch
A few interesting spots to watch are some 200m below Lady Loch on the left-hand bank. Follow the dirt road on the left bank or turn back, cross Lady Loch and follow the tar road to Hermon. The dirt road can become quite slippery when wet.
6. Skooltjie (10:30) -33.5897, 18.9508
Follow the road on the left bank after Lady Loch bridge, take the first turn-off to the right into Haaskraal Road, which is a dirt road. Drive for 4km and you will see the low-level bridge to your right. An ideal spot for seconds to check on their paddler.
7. Grensplaas (11:05) -33.9325, 18.9325
This is just under half way for the paddlers. Access only with bakkies, 4×4’s and only cars with good ground clearance when it’s dry. Turn right off the main dirt road at Grensplaas onto the farm road.
8. Roostuin (11:40) -33.4672, 18.9392
Keep on the dirt road past Grensplaas until you get to a farm house on the left of the road and walk 40m down to the river. This is a popular spot because one can watch the paddlers negotiating a little weir.
9. Hermon bridge (12:15) BRIDGE PRIZE -33.4342, 18.9561
This is one of the traditional vantage points where paddlers can get refreshments from their seconds for the last time before the last tough section. Keep extra juice, and refreshments handy. Du Vlei Farmstall alongside is a great stopover for seconds.
10. Zonquasdrift (13:20) -33.3422, 18.9789
Turn left at the Zonquasdrift sign on the Hermon/Gouda road, opposite Voëlvlei dam, and follow the dirt road down to the river. It is better to park
higher up near the farmer’s house to avoid the traffic jam. Food, drinks, and toilets will be available.

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