Online Entry

In an effort to keep this great race contemporary and relevant, we have changed the competitive format of the race to two-person teams. This two-paddler team format really lends itself to the Berg, by having a buddy on hand all the time for a wave or to help you get through a tough patch. More information can be found here .

With the new format we will also allow for sponsors to enter a team under their brand name, e.g. Team “Cape Storm”. More information can be found here.

We will never turn our back on the race’s great traditions, and will always welcome and actively encourage paddlers keen to take on the Berg individually in a K1, as has been the norm for the last 57 years. And then there is still the relay option for those who do not feel confident enough to tackle the full distance.

The entry fee for this year will include a quality garment, with optional extras for meals, camping, tents etc. The basic entry fee has been set at:
Sponsored team: R15 000 per team
Seniors: R2 650 per person
U23’s: R2 450 per person
Juniors: R2 200 per person

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