Race Rules

1. The top 50 K1 entrants according to the National Grading and recent Berg performances will be invited to participate in a time trial on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 to determine the starting positions of the first 30 paddlers on Wednesday morning and the Time Trail Bonus applicable to the elapsed start of the second day (see below). The time trial will start at 13h00. Only those who participate in the time trial and finish in the top 30 will be allowed to start in the 1st batch on Wednesday morning. Any entrant who is not invited and believes that he or she has a chance to make the top 30 must apply to the organiser IN WRITING with the support of proper motivation. Permission to participate in the time trial will be granted on merit only. Paddlers who accept the invitation to the race must register at 12h00 on Tuesday at the Paarl Canoe Club, Paarl. The time trial will start above Market Street bridge and finish at the Berg River Brewery, about 200m upstream of Dal Josafat weir. Maximum paddling time should be 30 minutes. Paddlers will leave at 1-minute intervals. The lowest rated entrant will start first. Last year’s winner will start last. International paddlers will be allowed to participate in the time trial but must send a request to the Race Secretary to include them.

The time trial results will also count in the form of a Time Bonus towards the start of Elapsed Time on Day 2. See the rules below:
Time trial adjustments for the start of day 2 (elapsed time start).

These adjustments will only affect the start times of those paddlers qualifying for the elapsed time start on Day Two. It will have no affect on Day One or on paddlers not qualifying for the elapsed time start.

Time bonus
Step 1
We will have the time trial as usual to determine the start batches and rows for Day One.
Paddler 30 in the time trial is awarded a 0 sec time bonus. The time bonus for each paddler in positions 29 to 1 is calculated as the time he or she finished ahead of paddler 30.
Step 2
Day One start as usual and the time of each paddler is determined. The winner of Day One is the person with the fastest time on the day.
The Day One times are adjusted by the time bonus as determined above. (Only for the first 30 paddlers in the time trial. There is no adjustment for the remainder) .
The Day Two elapsed time start sequence, time and cut off is determined using the adjusted Day One time.
Any paddler who received a time trial bonus but did not qualify for the elapsed time start will forfeit his time bonus and will start in one of the next batches.
Any paddler who did not receive a Time Trail Bonus but qualified for the elapsed time start will in effect get a 0s time trial bonus.
Step 3
The Day Two elapsed time starts taking into account the adjusted Day One times. These adjusted Day One times will also be carried forward to determine the final cumulative times.
Ladies may also take part in the time trial to try and earn a time bonus. They will however not start in the first batch on Day One, but in the separate ladies batch as in the past. . At the end of Day One their time will be adjusted by the time trial bonus if they qualified for the elapsed time start.

2. Registration will take place at the Berg River Brewery, Unit 1, 36 Westhoven Street, on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 from14h00 to 18h00 only. It is compulsory for all to register prior to the start of the race.

3. The marathon for all entrants will start on Wednesday, 12 July at 09h00 at Market Street Bridge in Paarl. It will be raced over 4 stages covering 240km to finish on Saturday, 15 July in Velddrif. The First Day will finish at Zonquasdrift (62 km); The Second Day will start at Zonquasdrift and finish at Bridgetown (46 km). The Third Day will start at Bridgetown and finish at Zoutkloof (75 km). The Fourth Day will start at Zoutkloof and finish at Velddrif (60 km).

4. Please note that the race will be held according to CSA rules and regulations. Interference by men in the ladies’ race, where ladies are in contention for prizes, is not allowed. See here for ruling on ladies paddling.

5. Portaging is only permitted around obstacles. The shortest route must be followed at all times. Paddlers must stay in the main river bed on the last day unless the race officials are forced to change the rule due to flood conditions.

6. All entrants must be in possession of a valid CSA registration number (with the exception of foreign paddlers).

7. All entrants must be A Grade paddlers (i.e. completed 6 B-or C-Grade races at any time).
7.1 The Safety Cut off times on the Berg River Marathon will be at the following places and times each day. The paddlers must have departed from the bridge by that time or they will be requested to leave the river/race:
Day 1 – Hermon bridge 15h30
Day 2 – Train bridge 15h30
Day 3 – Klipheuwel low level bridge 15h00
7.2 All paddlers must reach the finish of the days racing by 6.00pm on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 in order to be allowed to continue the race. The final cut off for Day 4 will be 3.30pm at the finish of the race in Velddrif.
7.3 A decision to change the cut off times based on river conditions will be determined within 48 hours of the race by the Safety Officer and paddlers will be notified of such a decision.
7.4 Sweeps and safety officers have the right to remove paddlers who they determine are unable to continue racing safely at any stage of the event, or are unable to reach the cut off points in time. The safety officer is also able to , at his sole discrection, change cut off times as conditions change.

8. Entrants must be fifteen years or older at the start of the race.

9. Sufficient buoyancy in front of (min 10 liters) and behind (min 10 liters) the cockpit is compulsory.

10. Kayaking jackets will be compulsory for all paddlers.

11. All competitors will be bound by the branding regulations of the event. Full details will be handed out at registration. It is compulsory to wear your bib at all times during the race. Your bib must be placed horizontally across your chest and secured by the four safety pins provided.

12. Closing date for entries is 22h00, Wednesday 28 June 2017. The penalty for late entry is R250.00.

13. Entry fees will not be reimbursed in the event of withdrawals after the closing date.

14. The Race only entry fee includes: medal and a meal at the prize-giving function in Velddrif; free sleeping and ablution facilities including hot showers for competitors at all overnight stops. Campsites will be available at the overnight stops @R75-00 per night, which must be pre-booked on the entry form. (Max 6 people per campsite)

15. Lunch and meals at overnight campsites are not included in the R2300 race only entry fee (U23 R2100, Jnr R1900). Lunch is available as an optional extra at R240 for three lunches. Lunch, breakfast and supper is available as an optional extra at R780 for three sets. Three breakfasts, three lunches and three suppers at a cost of R950.00 can be ordered for seconds.

16. Extra meal tickets for the prize-giving function in Velddrif can be purchased on the entry form at a cost of R150.00 for adults and R75.00 for children under 12.

17. The relay competition between teams consisting of three members, will take place again. Each member of the relay team must fill in a separate form and list the other two members of the team on the form.See website for further details.

18. Surf ski’s will be allowed and will race in a separate category. See website for further details.

19. Due to the cancellation of the Cape Town Cycle Tour there will be no Two Oceans Peninsula Iron Man Competition this year.

20. Monies can be deposited directly into the WESTERN CAPE CANOE UNION’S Berg account:
ABSA, Type: Savings, Branch Code: 632005, Account no: 925 804 2485, Acc name : Berg River – either manually or electronically. Please use your race number as your reference when doing electronic payments. You do not need to submit proof of payment, but please retain it for submission if requested.

21. Entry forms must be completed in full with indemnity signed off in order for your entry to be valid.


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