7 -10 July 2021 - THE 60TH BERG!
The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Relay Rules

All the general rules and conditions apply

Specific Rules

1. Minimum of two and a maximum three members per team

2. No fixed change over points

3. Team members may paddle more than one leg

4. Relay teams will start with the last batch . Relay paddlers will not be allowed to interfere in the individual competition or the main race. If any incidents of this nature are reported the organizers reserve the right to change the starting format for relay paddlers

5. The entry fee per person is the same as for the main race as relay teams will enjoy all the benefits. Each team member must complete the online entry form.

6. There will be medals for the relay teams

7. There will be a prize for the winning team

8. Relay teams are allowed to get team sponsors. Sponsors are allowed to brand sleeves of paddling shirts and caps. They may also advertise on the rear decks of the craft.

9. All three paddlers don’t have to paddle every day, e.g. if they want to, each or any member of the team are allowed to paddle a full day as part of his or her contribution to the team.

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