7 -10 July 2021 - THE 60TH BERG!
The Berg River Canoe Marathon

The Ultra Paddle 2021

Now that we can set our sights on the Berg in July 2021, the Ultra Paddle in 2020 taught just how much fun it can be paddling serious miles in your local stretch of water,

If you are planning to do the Berg this year – maybe it will be your first one – then we have arranged a special 2021 edition edition of the Ultra Paddle to help you get into shape!

Make a real difference while you put in the miles

Last year we raised a lot of money for the CSA Food Relief programme. This year we are are looking after a group that is very close to our hearts. The year of lockdown has hit the Paarl community hard and the young guys and girls at the Paarl Canoe Club development programme are struggling. We want to help with some very basic needs and to raise funds to enable them to register and paddle and get the very basics of equipment covered.

So whats the plan?

We want you to do 240km in May, Simple as that! You can do it spread out over the whole month to earn your Ultra Paddle BERG WARM-UP certificate, or if you do it in four sessions you get the Ultra Paddle BERG READY award. And the person who does the most verified distance in the month of May gets the Ultra Paddle Platinum Award, and with it a free entry into the 2021 Berg!

All it costs is R150 and proceeds go to the Paarl Canoe Club development programme.

Ultra-Paddle, presented by the Berg FAQ’s

Q: Is the Ultra-Paddle illegal?
A: Nope, as long as you practice social distancing, and abide by Covid-19 regulations, you are in the clear to paddle.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Fill out the form once we open the entries on 25 April, pay your R150/$10/€10/£10 and be added to the starters list for the Ultra-Paddle.

Q: Sjoe, I’m not that fit because of lockdown… how long to I have to do it?
A: This is a pre-Berg training excercise! So you can go for the Berg Ready challenge and do the 240km in four sessions, or else do the 240km in bite-sized chunks during the month of May as a Berg Warm Up candidate.

Q: What do I get if I complete the Ultra-Paddle in 2021?
A: You will receive a certificate for your achievements in the Ultra-Paddle, and preferential access to the limited places available for the 2021 Berg.

Q: How will the Berg know if I completed the Ultra-Paddle?
A: Post your distances, Strava maps, pictures, Garmin links and videos so we can see how you managed your Ultra-Paddle, by tagging the Berg River Canoe Marathon and #UltraPaddle

Q: Will my entry fee go towards a cause?
A: We are supporting the Paarl Canoe Club development programme this year.

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