The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Berg 120

The Introduction of the Berg 120!!

At this point in time, we celebrate a return to community and a return to sporting events, with a new energy that invites and encourages sporting enthusiasts from all abilities to come together and get involved.

The Berg is proud to present the Berg 120, as a new addition to the race in 2022.

The Berg 120 is a separate race taking place simultaneously with the traditional Berg River Canoe Marathon. It allows paddlers who (for whatever reason) aren’t wanting to take part in the Berg, to get on the river and still enjoy the sights, sounds and experience of being on the Berg River.

Traditionally, the Berg consists of 4 days and 240km of paddling between Paarl and Velddrif. The Berg 120 allows a shorter and more manageable distance to be covered whilst still being a part of the Berg vibe.
The route is as follows:
Day 1 – Skooltjie to Delsma (+/- 30km)
Day 2 – Gouda to Bridgetown (+/- 30km)
Day 3 – Soetdraai to Zoutkloof (+/- 36km)
Day 4 – Kersefontein to Velddrif (+/- 38km)
As has become a new feature of the Berg, we welcome K2s to take part in the Berg 120!!
To any and all paddlers that may want to try their hand at the Berg and are wary of the distance or length of the race, look no further than the Berg 120.

A stepping stone or pleasant alternative to the Berg River Canoe Marathon, the Berg 120 is going to be an incredible addition to the event.

Start times will be determined and announced closer to the date, relative to the front paddlers of the Berg, depending on the conditions.

Be a part of the vibe, test your hand at the Berg, and come and enjoy what the Berg River and Berg community has to offer.

See you on the water!!