The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Day Four

Please note:
– Paddlers must keep within the natural banks in the main stream up to Kliphoek. All competitors are only allowed to portage at Kliphoek farm/Oordraplek.
– Paddlers will be directed by signage on the banks and will have to paddle past Bokkomlaan on the home straight into Velddrif.

Zoutkloof to Berg River station:10,9km
Berg River station to Kersiefontein: 5,5km
Kersiefontein to Kliphoek (Oordraplek):30,4km
Kliphoek to Riviera hotel FINISH :9,7km

1 Start at Zoutkloof (8:00)
-32.9442, 18.4114

Slow paddlers start at 7:30 and the leaders group at 8:00 followed by a mass start at 8:30.

2 Berg River Station (9:00)
-32.9453, 18.3411

Turn left out of Zoutkloof. Drive back to Kersefontein, turn left across the river and at the T-junction turn left. You will see the river on your left to watch the paddlers.

3 Kersefontein (9:30)
-32.9064, 18.3335

This is a popular spectator spot. You might have to park some way down the road.

4 Kleigat (10:30)
Accessible to 4×4 vehicles only via the right-hand bank of the river.

5 Kliphoek / Oordraplek (11:30)
-32.8325, 18.2156

Follow the road to Velddrif and turn right at Kliphoek farm. This is a compulsory portage and a good time to give your paddler that last energy boost about 10km to the finish. Toilet facilities are available.

6 Velddrif Bridge (12:30)
-32.7853, 18.1786

Follow the road signs to Velddrif where the race finishes at Carinus Bridge next to the Riviera Hotel. Preferably park on the opposite side of the road from the hotel next to the river. The prize-giving function will be at the hotel as well.