The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Qualifying: Novices

Qualifying for your first Berg.

It is possible to qualify to take part in the Berg in your first year of paddling, but you have to follow these instructions:

  1. Get hold of your club safety officer and do a Basic Proficiency Test (BPT), which gives you a Flat-Water Proficiency (FW Rating)
  2. Take part in Flat water races. E.g. West Coast Canoe Challenge or Stanford Race.
  3. Get hold of your club safety officer again and do a River Proficiency Test (RPT), which gives you a BR river rating.
  4. Take part in C or B grade river races and complete the races within 1.75% of the winner’s time.
  5. According to CSA, to receive an AR river rating, you have to do at least six C, or B grade ricer races. This may include river trips, which are monitored by a competent club member and approved by the club safety officer.
  6. Take part in at least three of the four Pre-Berg, B grade river races listed below and try and complete them within 1.5% of the winner’s time. Remember, the better you do on the Berg-pre races, the better are your chances of completing the Berg.
  7. Hand a list of your trips and races to your club safety officer. If he / she is happy with your progress, he / she will upgrade you to an AR river rating.
  8. Do paddle training of at least 5 hours a week, on flat water for fitness and on the river for river skills and river knowledge. Remember, the Berg can take anything between 20 and 30 hours to complete.
  9. Enter the Berg before the closing date, to ensure a spot on the starting line. Some of the qualifying races are held after the entry closing date. Should you not have qualified, you will receive a full refund of your entry fee.
  10. For more information, you can contact your club safety officer, or René Boehm on 073 363 9866.

Good luck with your training.


11-May SAT Berg Pre Race K1 – Paarl – Skooltjie
1-Jun SAT Berg Pre Race K1 – Wellington-Hermon
8-Jun SAT Berg Pre Race K1 – Hermon-Gouda
15-Jun SAT Berg tripping for clubs
22-Jun SAT Berg Pre Race K1 – Gouda-Bridgetown
3-6 Jul WED-SAT Berg River Marathon K1