7 -10 July 2021 - THE 60TH BERG!
The Berg River Canoe Marathon

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  1. clive

    ello to the Berg organisers
    Let me start out by saying my heroes in our strange current times are race organisers who make things happen
    I have been doing river races for almost 40 years now – but the closest I ever got to Berg was the Virtual Berg last year
    For us Vaalies it’s far from home – it means taking a weeks leave and spending a lot of money to do a long hard wet cold race
    Where’s the fun in that was what I always said to myself and happily stayed away – but now I feel I should do at least one
    So I am trying to garner some interest (of slow fish n chip type trippers) at our local club – Dabs
    Here’s what many are saying – its way too expensive at R3300 (vs R1300 for Dusi)
    With petrol or flights and paying for a rental / boat on a trailer, accommodation a Vaalie is in for over 10k – for cold wet slog
    I hope to be there this year – but I needed to share with you that there are many who feel your entry fee is prohibitively expensive and won’t go
    And I have to say I agree with them – it is very expensive in relative canoeing terms
    Please take this in the spirit n which it is intended
    And heres hoping that your 2021 race happens

    1. Berg

      Clive hi and thanks for the comment.
      Organising the Berg this year has many new challenges and costs associated with it. It is also fundamentally different to the Dusi as we will at most get 250 paddlers where the Dusi gets around 1000, so sharing the overheads and costs is very different.
      We take your comments constructively and we are working hard at making sure we offer good value for that entry fee. I hear the Durban crew is training hard for Berg so lets hope we can get a core group from Emmarentia and VLC down here as well. We will help where we can!

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