The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Berg Distance Table

For the average Berg paddler, knowing how far you have paddled, and how far the distance is between key landmarks is vital to an enjoyable and successful Berg.

Based on the experience of a number of seasoned Berg paddlers, this Excel spreadsheet shows the distance from point to point, total distance for the day and kilometres to go to the end of the day. It also indicates the time it will take from point to point at various speeds. The last two columns indicate the time to cut-off, the cut-off time and the total distance for each day.

This table is mainly for the slower paddlers, to ensure that they can make the cut-off in time. Some paddlers will print out this spreadsheet, laminate it and stick it to the deck of their boat. It is also very handy for the seconds.


START Paarl CC Dist. To next point
Day 1 Lady Loch Bridge 16km
Day 1 Skooltjie 6.6km
Day 1 Grensplaas 9.4km
Day 1 Hermon 5.4km
End of day 1 Zonquasdrif 16.9km
Day 2 Gouda bridge 16.1km
Day 2 Train bridge 14.4km
Day 2 Drie Heuwels weir 9.1km
End of day 2 Bridgetown 6.1km
Day 3 Misverstand dam 16km
Day 3 Moravia weir 15.7km
Day 3 Soetdraai 3,9km
Day 3 Klipheuwel bridge 16,8km
End of day 3 Soutkloof 22,4km
Day 4 Berg River station 10,9km
Day 4 Kersiefontein 5,5km
Day 4 Kliphoek (Oordraplek) 30,4km
FINISH Riviera hotel 9,7km