The Berg River Canoe Marathon

Women’s Rules

Because slip riding is so crucial on the Berg’ the organizers in order to facilitate fair conditions for the top ladies but also to allow slip riding at a level where it will not influence the results of the top ladies have decided to make a slight adjustment to the rules.

Ladies are allowed to ride slip but interference in the top ladies race by stronger paddlers in an attempt to influence the outcome of the race is not allowed and may2014D4AbbyFinish1000 lead to time penalties or disqualification.

First day
Ladies start in their own, separate batch, being batch 3, behind the Legends Batch.

Second Day
Ladies who qualify on time will start in the elapsed time start. The rest of the ladies start in the following batches according to their times on the first day.

Third day
Ladies will start according to their accumulated time.

Fourth day
The same as the third day.
Ladies will start according to accumulated times.